Sun 14 Apr 2024
Apple might be working on HomePod with 7-inch display
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Apple might be working on HomePod with 7-inch display


HomePod touch display

Apple reportedly has big plans for the HomePod, and these plans involve a seven-inch display.

According to Apple reviewer Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech visitor is working on a version of its smart speaker with a seven-inch display, to be launched in the first half of 2024.

Details well-nigh the device are scarce, but Kuo believes this product would enable a tighter integration with Apple's other hardware products.

Kuo believes that the exhibit panel in Apple's upcoming HomePod will be produced by Chinese visitor Tianma, which produces displays for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cars. If the HomePod deal goes well, Kuo thinks Apple might partner with Tianma to produce panels for its future iPads as well.

We've unquestionably heard a similar rumor before. In 2021, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said Apple is working on speakers with seated screens and cameras, but offered no stock-still launch stage for such devices.

And in January this year, Gurman said Apple is working on a cheap, iPad-like device that will indulge users to tenancy various smart home functions. While this sounds like a variegated device to what Kuo is suggesting, it is indicative of Apple potentially thinking well-nigh strengthening its smart home lineup.

Apple recently revived its original HomePod, making it a little cheaper while retaining its diamond and most sonic characteristics. Both the HomePod and the HomePod mini have a small, touch-screen panel on top which shows an volatility when you invoke Siri, but are otherwise very much display-less.