Sun 04 Dec 2022
Apple's redesigned is something you'll actually want to use
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Apple's redesigned is something you'll actually want to use


A screenshot of Apple's redesigned

Apple's is typically the place I go when I need to download a tuft of photos or other files from my iCloud account, but it's not something I'd use on a daily basis.

With a new redesign, launched on Wednesday and spotted by MacRumors, has wilt easier to use, and it's now a pretty decent overview of all the stuff you alimony in Apple's cloud.

The new now resembles an iPad's interface, with apps such as Photos, Mail, Calendar, and Drive organized into widgets of various sizes. You can move the widgets around, or turn them on and off by clicking on the "Customise Home Page" sawed-off at the marrow of the display. There, you'll find a quick overview of the status of your iCloud account, including the forfeit of your plan and the value of storage you have left. Pity you can't transpiration the wallpaper, though.

Some of these apps are redundant; for example, Find My comes pre-installed on a Mac, and a notice on top of the exhibit unquestionably tells you this as you try to unshut the app on Most of the apps haven't reverted since the previous iteration of, and still finger like stripped-down versions of iPadOS or macOS apps.

Apple gave perhaps the nicest update to the iCloud "app" itself, which basically leads you to a settings page. It now gives a neatly laid out, wipe overview of your iCloud plan, a detailed dispersal of how you use the deject storage, data recovery options, and iCloud features that you have active. All of this was wieldy on the old site as well, it's just nicer to squint at now.

Refreshingly clean. Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable/Apple

As nice as the redesign is, I don't expect many users to suddenly start flocking to and using it every day, but as a one-stop-shop for everything you have on iCloud, however, it's now a sensible option.