Sun 14 Apr 2024
Don't let the yellow iPhone fool you
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Don't let the yellow iPhone fool you


A closeup of the top of the new yellow iPhone.

Folks, pay no sustentation to the beautiful, bright yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. They're a lark — bad deals covered in fun colors. And Apple knows it.

I was the proud owner of a yellow iPhone XR for four years, and I loved that darn device. I'm obsessed with verisimilitude — it affects my mood and it's a key part of my personal expression — so a yellow iPhone widow a lot to my life. It made me happy to squint at every day, elevated my style, and was easy to find in plane the messiest gym bag. 

I was really bummed when I needed to replace that phone older this year. No yellow option was misogynist for the iPhone 14 line, though I was tempted by the soft undecorous and light violaceous of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Max were limited to silver, gold, deep purple, and space woebegone — snore! — and were increasingly expensive.

Given that I've asked Apple for a hot pink iPhone, it may surprise you that I resisted the temptation for a unexceptionable verisimilitude and bought an iPhone 14 Pro in plain old gold. When Apple spoken its new yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus this morning, I wondered if I had made a mistake.

But I know the Pro was the right visualization for my wallet, and that it might be right for yours, too.

Compare, for example, the 128 GB iPhone 14 and 128 GB iPhone 14 Pro. The main differences between the two phones are their verisimilitude options, an uneaten camera lens, and well-nigh $200: the $799 iPhone 14 offers two lenses, while the $999 iPhone 14 Pro offers three.

Years ago, each new iPhone release came with camera technology leaps and premises whilom the previous iteration. But progress has slowed lanugo since then, and the camera tech resurgence in new iPhones is incremental. So when one device has two lenses and flipside offers three, that's a huge difference in value.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Max may be increasingly expensive in the short run, but they'll be cheaper in the long run. By ownership an iPhone with three lenses, you'll alimony your device from rhadamanthine obsolete increasingly quickly.

But Apple knows that sometimes, a verisimilitude calls to you. That's why they make their cheaper offerings bright, bold, and, for someone like me, scrutinizingly irresistible. Unless that phone is hot pink...then, Apple, you might get me to fall for it.