Sun 23 Jun 2024
Pay only $250 for a refurbished MacBook Air
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Pay only $250 for a refurbished MacBook Air


Apple MacBook Air with woebegone case

TL;DR: As of March 24, get a refurbished Apple MacBook Air for just $250 — that's 64% off.

If it’s time for a new computer, shopping refurbished is a unconfined option to consider. There may not be that many affordable choices if you buy trademark new, but there are plenty of refurbished computers that can get the job washed-up for a low price. Mac lovers can plane find some heady deals, like this refurbished MacBook Air for only $247.99 (reg. $700). 

Get a MacBook Air for under $250

Students and remote workers could get a lot out of this low-cost MacBook. The 4GB RAM and 5th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 mobile processor may not be an platonic match if you’re planning on running a lot of taxing apps for art or video editing, but the 128GB solid-state drive and lightweight construction could be an spanking-new fit for working on the go. You may not plane need to find a power outlet while you work. The shower could last up to nine hours on a single charge. Students could likely get in a full day of classes, while professionals could enjoy an untethered workspace they can take scrutinizingly anywhere. 

The 11.6-inch LED-backlit “glossy” exhibit is a trappy work surface with a 1266 x 768 resolution powered by an Intel® HD Graphics 6000 GPU. Stream your favorite shows in vivid color, and you can connect some Bluetooth earbuds if you don’t want to listen on the seated speakers. 

Buying a refurbished computer doesn’t necessarily midpoint settling for less. In fact, refurbished shopping is growing increasingly popular considering it’s a budget-friendly way to get some high-quality gear, and it’s a lot better for the environment

Shop for budget-friendly computers that still work great 

If you need a new computer, a new-to-you one might be a largest match for your budget. Get a refurbished Apple MacBook Air in sleek woebegone on sale for $247.99 (reg. $700). 

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