Thu 07 Dec 2023
This 55-inch LG television is now under $300
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This 55-inch LG television is now under $300


LG television in front of wood panel wall

TL;DR: SAVE $100: As of November 15th, the 55-inch LG UHD TV is just $298 at Walmart, which is a nice markdown from its original $399.99 price.

We're just a week out from Black Friday, which is the weightier time of the year to buy a new television. Usually, TV deals are the weightier on that storied deal day, just in time for December's holidays.

This year, there's no need to wait in excruciating lines or strain your lower back, considering the LG UHD TV is on sale at Walmart well superiority of Turkey Day. At $298, this is the lowest we've seen for a new LG television, vibration the prices we've seen at Weightier Buy or Target.

This 55-inch model comes with everything we expect of smart TVs nowadays: 4K LED resolution, zippy HDR, voice-activated Google Home and Apple Play2, and seated Netflix. At just 3.5 inches thick, it'll squint unconfined hanging on your wall, atop furniture, or on the floor with LG's sleek Gallery Stand that will make your living space squint like a hip loft.

We've seen LG do some wacky things with televisions — the Objet and the StandbyME, for example. But this is just a solid, regular TV at a size that's ready for home cinema, and with Internet-connected features. It doesn't forfeit $1.7 million, either.