Thu 21 Sep 2023
3 Ways to screenshot Snapchat without them knowing (2022)

3 Ways to screenshot Snapchat without them knowing (2022)


How to screenshot Snapchat without them knowing

If you use Snapchat, you know the only way to save a snap/story is to screenshot it. However, the reservation is the app notifies the user whose story you grab a screenshot of! This can be a problem if you don’t want the other person to know you’re saving their photos. Don’t worry! We’ve got something to help you out.

Here are some tricks to take screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing. But first, update Snapchat to its latest version.

1. Use flipside phone to capture Snap

If you have a spare phone lying around, you can use it to take a picture of the Snapchat story or record it without them knowing. Though it will not produce high-resolution screenshots, it’s still a feasible workaround.

I recommend recording your screen, as you might be unsure of the length of the Snap. Also, you only have a single endangerment to replay the Snap, which then notifies the sender.

2. Record Snapchat without notification using Mac

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open QuickTime Player using Spotlight Search.

    Open QuickTime Player on Mac
  2. Next, click on File → New Movie Recording.

    Open New Movie Recording in File on Mac
  3. Click on the drop-down thunderstroke next to the record sawed-off and select your iPhone as the camera input.

    Select your iPhone on Mac

For camera and microphone input, select your iPhone. You should see your phone screen on your Mac. Finally, uncork screen recording your iPhone on your Mac and start viewing the snaps.

If you need increasingly help, follow this step-by-step article to record your iPhone screen.

If you don’t want to make video recordings of the snaps and would rather have screenshots instead, follow the initial steps, and instead of screen recording, press Command   Shift   4 on your Mac. Next, printing the Space Bar and take a screenshot of the QuickTime window.

3. Use the screen mirroring full-length

Use this Snapchat trick to screenshot Snapchat without notification if you want to. So, to tint your phone to an external device, turn on the Screen Mirroring option in your iPhone’s Control Center. Then record the Snap from that external device. Still, it’s a bit riskier as there are mixed results. Some senders got screenshot alerts, and some didn’t. Therefore, try it with your friend to trammels if it’s a hit or miss!

Which methods don’t work anymore on Snapchat?

  • Recording your screen: Your iPhone comes with a seated screen recorder. So, you may think of recording the screen of your iPhone while using Snapchat and storing the recordings as video. But this is not the case. We have tried screen recording, and it does send notifications!
  • Turning on Airplane Mode: It’s an old trick that might work in the older version of Snapchat and iOS. But not now! You may think Airplane mode cuts off all networks, so how can Snapchat send screenshot notifications? Actually, Snapchat is pre-loaded. Therefore the server will know well-nigh your worriedness on the app.
  • Clearing app’s cache: Most old Snapchat users have washed-up the trick. Without disconnecting from the internet, you take a screenshot and then delete the cache. So, there must be no records of your worriedness when the app was reconnected to the internet. But for now, Snapchat has sealed this loophole.


Q. Can Snapchat snaps be saved?

Yes, only the snaps with no time limit can be saved. But it will be stored on Snapchat rather than on your device. To save a Snap in the chat, swipe up or printing and hold it while viewing it. The same thing is possible on the Yack screen without seeing a Snap. Obviously, the message’s sender can see that you have saved it.

Q. Is it illegal to screenshot someone’s Snap?

It’s not quote-unquote illegal, but it’s a privacy violation. If someone sends a snap with a time limit, obviously, they don’t want you to save it. So, think twice surpassing taking screenshots.

Snapping off…

On iPhones, there isn’t a straightforward way to take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. But there are some unconventional solutions. Remember that Snapchat may update its security patches at any moment. So, what works today may not work further, thereby causing embarrassment. Also, I don’t recommend and support taking screenshots of anyone’s Snap!

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